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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitimeSun Nov 18, 2012 2:37 am

Let's lay down the law for your filthy peasants. My rules are strick, abide by them or suffer the consequences. Rolling Eyes

1. No Triple Posting: While Double Posting is sometimes required, I urge your to remember that the Edit Button is there for a reason... Rolling Eyes

2. Multiple Accounts: If you're going to have a Second Character, there are some requirements involved... First, you must tell me on your original account what the Name of your Second Account is going to be BEFORE you create it. When your request is approved, you're clear to make your account. Also, there is no Brawling between your Two Characters under any circumstances. Do you understand? Good.

3. No Cussing: Allowing you to swear would cause such a hassle to me, and therefore, there is absolutly No Cussing permitted here. All Administrators will follow this rule strictly. If you need to swear, please do so like this: D***! No exceptions.

4. Bakugan Capturing: Yes, you're allowed to steal Bakugan from your opponent's Profile, however, you may only do so if you best your opponent by 500 points. However, you may not capture Bakugan Traps. And Battle Gear are only availible for Capture when they are equipped with a Non-Guardian bakugan.

5. Characters: No revealing who a Character is, without their permission. Self-Explanitory. Rolling Eyes

6. Cheating: No Cheating. This is a rule I like the most... If you cheat in a brawl, I can and will do WHATEVER I want of your account, your Bakugan Points, and your Brawling Profile. So please, feel free to break this rule as much as you'd like... Twisted Evil

7. Forefits: Players who forfeit any matches will lose 1000 BP on the spot. Please, forefit as much as you'd like.

8. Brawling: You're only permitted to be in 1 Brawl at a time. You can't be in two places at once... Enough said. Rolling Eyes

9. Purchasing Material: You may not purchase somethign while you're in the middle of a brawl. You can't be in two palces at once.

10. Special Attacks: You may preform a Special Attack at any time during your Brawl with an opponent. However, you must wait until Three entire Turn Rotations after your first Special Attack to activate another. That is, nless you want your Bakguan to die.

11. Special Effects: Unless otherwise stated, Bakugan Effects can only be used once per Brawl.

12. Ability Cards: If you Activate more Ability Cards than your Bakugan is able to handle, don't expect them to work. If you activate an extra Ability Card after your Bakugan has Activated all it's Active Ability Cards have been played, each and every one of your Ability Cards are automatically negated.

13. Complaining: No Complaining to me about any of my rules. You're subject to any form of punishment I see fit.

Rules are subject to alteration at any point in time. And Please, refer to Rule #13. Rolling Eyes
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Forum Rules
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